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The Chief Capstone Ministries' Statement of Faith

The Chief Capstone Ministries is a bible base church based in London.

The Chief Capstone Ministries is managed and staffed by Pastors, evangelist, Prophets, Prayer warriors, Ministers and Elders of the church, Group such as Jesus Christ wives, Peter and Daniel's group. All are bible believing individuals, born again Christians and children of God who uphold the fundamental doctrines of historic evangelical Christianity.

The Chief Capstone Ministry is a healing and deliverance ministry which was revealed to Pastor Sylvia Umunna in her dream. Pastor Sylvia Umunna is a Nigerian from Owerri, in Imo State Nigeria and her husband Pastor Greg Umunna which you can read his profile in another section is from Asaba, Delta State of Nigeria.


Ministering Under An Open Heaven

Holy Visitations: Pastor Sylvia Angela Umunna saw open Heaven the second time on the Easter day being 4th April 2010

Isa 64:1-2 Oh that you would rend the heavens! That you would come down! That the mountains may shake at your Presence."

When heaven tears open then God comes down in holy visitation that not only affects you but also the nation.

"As when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth the waters to boil, to make thy name known to thine adversaries that the nations may tremble at thy presence! When thou didst terrible things which we looked not for, thou camest down, the mountains flowed down at thy presence."

God is about to rend the heavens and make His self known to whole cities and also nations. My prayer is that God will open the heavens and come down in an extended visitation of presence in your life.

I want to explain this to you the unbelievers with my testimony of a holy visitations and how an open heaven was the beginning of these ministries. Everything that we have need of in our families, ministries, life, gifts, new levels of power and provision comes out of the presence of God. I have been in a deliverance and Healing Ministry now long enough to become acquainted of the method of prayers and the out come these prayers when you are diligently seeking God. All the favours, souls, miracles and healing are birthed out of His presence. Several years ago, I had a Holy Visitation, where Jesus was talking to me in my dream, I was in the mist of other people. I have shared several testimonies about the Holy Visitation " I intend to release a book and tape on this, for I believe that it will help others who love God and are seeking an Open heaven too.

I had a holy visitation from the Holy Spirit. This was at different times, stemming from 1998, where he appeared to me and showed me his hands. I spoke to a Catholic priest about it who advised me to ask Jesus to show himself again if he is the one that actually appeared to me. That night he arrived in full, clothed in white robe, and showed me his hands, like he was saying to me, okeh doubting Thomas see, see, see, I sprang up screaming, saying it was not me who doubted me, enough, enough, enough. For a while I was afraid of closing my eyes for the fear of seeing the save dream again.

This has since continued, which made me to leave Catholic Church because I was not supported, no body explained to me what was happening to me. I would be laid out (slain in the spirit) or as I would rather put it. I was so overwhelmed with God's manifest presence with the overlaid wounds on his hands which lingered for a long time. I could do nothing most days but "talk to Reverend Fathers, Holy men of God, who did not explain to me what was happening to me. So I became still" or "Waited on the Lord"

There has been several instances when we went on Holidays when I had seen him. At a Cathedral during one of our family holidays, after my husband, and my children had written some prayer requests, I heard a voice agreeing to our prayers by saying a Loud Amen that I cannot compare his voice with any humane till date. I was asked to testify by the travel representative and other Holiday makers. I was screaming, the voice, the voice said Amen. I looked around to make sure that there are no other people in the church with me before panic took over me. The Holiday representative explained to me that I was the third person that heard the voice of God in this Cathedral. She explained that the last one was in 1958 and that those have all died. I rebuked her and said that I refuse to die.

I was blessed from heaven with such an awareness of His divine presence. I call it the Hands of Jesus, times of solitude or just sitting at His feet like Mary. For four to six hours a day. I would play gospel music, pray, read my bible and simply gaze at the Lord's beauty or as Paul describes in Heb 12:2, "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith," the word "looking" is translated to Gaze or stargazer.

Gaze: to turn the eyes away from other things and fix them on something, properly, to stare at,

  1. to see with the eyes
  2. to see with the mind, to perceive to know
  3. to see, i.e. become acquainted with by experience, to experience 4) to see, to look to or study intently.

During these extended times of soaking I would receive at times, numerous kinds of visions, dreams, prophetic experiences and visitations of angels sometimes. I often refer to in my life as my "soaking season". God taught me how to dwell and abide in the secret place of His presence (Ps 91:1) I came to understand the power of stillness, quietness, basking, bathing and drinking in His love. I was in a place of surrender and meditation in His presence. I understand some of the secrets of Pastor Uzor and his wife's life and their intense passion for God when they are in the presence of our God. This is better known today as the silent prayer of the heart or meditation and contemplation.

It was after that soaking season that God called me out into full-time ministry. I received a divine visitation of the Lord. It was as if a person walked in to the room and sat beside me. I could feel His presence over me and heard distinctly, the audible voice of the Lord. I was told exactly the nature of the Ministries, which is Healing and Deliverance, to evangelize and prophesied over in a meeting that morning, deeming that time as my commissioning for ministry and shown in open vision numerous events in the meeting that night as a sign. I was shown some particular Chapters in the bible which I read. I had fasted for twenty one days, with prayers and songs. You could say it happened overnight. In fact that night, that the intensity of the soaking season and times of almost daily revelation ended, though I still continue to live a lifestyle of soaking. In February 7th 2010, I was shown the name of the Ministry that we are to open. I was told about cold virus that somebody in the family heard while Jesus was sitting with me in my dream.

I continue to have these visitations. I wait for him to The Holy Spirit to speak to me after each prayer session. On the 4th April 2010, I had another visitation, this time the heaven was open. I was looking down, so Jesus waited and I looked up. There were a lot of angels, busy, moving to all directions. I saw Jesus and an Angel dressed in attire that is indescribable, they were on a scooter like vehicle. One was wearing half white and dark blue colour, which looks like mermaid clothes. They waited until I looked up and Jesus dropped two keys into my hands. He looked at me and smiled, he said something but I had forgotten what he said. I looked around me, and found that I was elevated above millions of crowd. I looked again and I saw my feet on the ground. He asked me if I am alright, I responded yes. They smiled looked at each other, but they waited to ensure that I picked up the two keys before they drove off and I did not see them again. When I woke up, I could not contend myself, I began to sing and dance, what my husband calls David’s dance. It had no rhythm, like crazy dance. My ministry has started at these world wild economic financial crises, but I know he will provide for me and that he is sending me to minister all over the world, to do Crusades, evangelism, preach to people all over the world.

I believe that we can all experience in diverse ways of course more of God's blessing, presence and favour. What is the secret to all of us living a prosperous, abundant life, ministry and business? The answer is "The Open heavens" living and ministering under a heaven that is open above and beneath our feet and lives.